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Website design

Offering my domain knowledge not only on the style of the design, rather the whole process of what to do and how - which design solutions are neccessary, which are just design bloat.

Website design services involve a process of two parts:

UX (or user experience) design involves us discussing the needs of your website visitors and how we should improve the overall experience of purchasing or performing any other required action. Could be done by simply applying common know-how knowledge and through A/B testing if sufficient budget is available.

UI (user interface) design focuses more on the aesthetics and design flow of you website and business. This often involves, depending on the budget, simple adjustments for visual clarity through larger projects, where we renew your design fully with your brand, color etc. in mind.

Not unlike other services, designs can be only tweaked to improve slightly, or redone fully to go to the next level.

Recent design projects

If you're interested in partnering up for a project, send me an email to vilius@wizardof.digital or use the form below: