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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Making sure your website is visible and understood by Google and other search engines. Researching keywords and rewriting content to better suite your goals. Finding and maintaining backlinks to your site to increase organic traffic.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process to make sure the content of your website is visible and understood by Google and other search engines. The process usually involves these stages:
  • Technical audit of the current state of the website SEO – fixing mistakes in the markup of the code, making sure that all the relevent information about the content of the website is received by the search engines (such as creating a Search Console account).
  • Keyword research starts by understanding the needs and the content of the business. Using various SEO tools, I will research which keywords would suite your business best and are in general posible to compete in.
  • Content creation – making sure that the content (be it news posts, service pages or product pages) follows the SEO guidelines and also is of high quality and worth for the website visitors.
  • Link building – the most time consuming part of the SEO process – involves, after the creation of quality content, linking back to your website – is necessary to improve your search rankings.
While the initial SEO audit and keyword research might be a short process, the second part – both the creation of content and link building is an on going process that usually involves either contracting an agency or a specialist or having an in house SEO specialist, as this part of SEO is extremely time consuming if the business requires results. Usually, a monthly budget of 500-1000 EUR for at least a year is required to have inpactful results.

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