Wizard of Digital

Solving all your digital needs

From the first idea to a working and profitable solution.

Website design

website design, user experience simplification

Offering my domain knowledge not only on the style of the design, rather the whole process of what to do and how - which design solutions are neccessary, which are just design bloat.

Website development

administration, maintenance, security

Setting up your server and creating your website on open source software for best future proofing and ease of maintenance. Securing the website to reduce the risk of hacking (or clearing issues if your website happens to be hacked).

Content creation

static pages, blog posts and news

Planning the neccessary pages, writing and updating content.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

planning, keyword research, technical audit, backlinking strategy

Making sure your website is visible and understood by Google and other search engines. Researching keywords and rewriting content to better suite your goals. Finding and maintaining backlinks to your site to increase organic traffic.

Google Ads

ad campaign management

Researching keywords and creating ads for your business when organic optimizations are not yet feasable.

Facebook / Instagram Ads

ad campaign management and content creation

Running advertising and communication campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Planning and creating designs or videos, setting up conversions and targetting, measuring results and making improvements.


tracking setup, custom events and conversions

Setting up the measurement strategy for your defined conversions in order to measure whether the traffic received (organic or paid) performs.

About me

My name is Vilius Kytra. I’ve been working in the digital space since 2010, both in a large media company and afterwards, on my own – helping companies and creative people achieve their business goals.

No matter the project, I aim to be honest (sometimes brutally) when helping you choose the best path for their business, offering ideas and improvements on existing websites, or helping you plan the execution of new ones.

All the tools used in the projects are as open source as possible, so as to give complete ownership and control to you.

I also personally guarantee the quality, as I perform all the work myself.

You can get to know me better via my blog or other socials below:

If you're interested in partnering up for a project, send me an email to vilius@wizardof.digital or use the form below:

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